Farm Fresh Organics Skin Care

Ingredients found in natural and organic skin care:

Full Ingredient Lists For Our Products:

If you do not find the full ingredient list for a product, please email us or contact us at 877-233-5477 before ordering. Federal regulation prohibits body care, skin care and personal care products to be returned once opened.

Is this product organic or not?

Skin care and body care labeling can be very confusing, yet the labeling standards are set by the Federal Government and are very clear as to what you can or cannot say on the product. Even with these very clear labeling requirements many products and manufacturers continue to mislead on the organic content and organic
composition of their product. We take accurate labeling very seriously, and adhere to the letter of the law with full disclosure on product composition. 

Whenever possible our ingredients are USDA certified organic, but as you maybe aware body and skin care utilize ingredients that are not on the USDA list, and therefore even if produced organically cannot be considered part of the percentage of the product. This makes it very difficult to reach the level needed to offer a USDA certified organic skin care product. Here are the USDA % requirements for labeling:

The Organic Food Production Act 1990 regulates organics.

To have the USDA (US Department of Agriculture) seal on a product, the product must be certified organic and contain at least 95% organically produced ingredients. There are two categories of labeling that are permitted to use the USDA seal. These are,

  1. 100% certified organic ingredients. These producers may identify 100% organic ingredients on front label.
  2. 95% or more certified organic ingredients. These producers may identify "organic" on front label.
You may see two additional categories of organic labeling.
  1. Containing 70% or greater of organically produced ingredients can be labeled on the front of the package saying "made with organic (whatever it is)". An example of this would be cereal with organic blueberries. In this example the label may say "made with organic blueberries". No seal is permitted.
  2. Containing less than 70% organic ingredients may make no front panel claims. However, can list the organic ingredient as such on the side panel. For example, pasta sauce may say "organic parsley" in the list of ingredients. No seal is permitted.

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