Farm Fresh Organics Skin Care

How much essential oils do I add to a product?

The easiest way to customize your own skin care line is to take one of our product bases and add essential oils, and other ingredients such as antioxidants, retinols, DMAE or MSM. By adding your own essential oils you can create a Essential oils available in bulk from Farm Fresh Organics Skin Careunique product that has the aroma unlike any other product available.  All our basic bulk base products and many of our other products can be customized in this manner.

TIP: Create multiple products from one base. Take our Coconut Hemp Lotion or our Shea Body Butter with DMAE; both of these products are premium organic products that can be packaged and sold 'as-is', or you could create 3 or 4 unique products by scenting each one differently.

Use the table below to calculate how much of an ingredient to add to your base.  Read more about the recommended percentage to add to bases, and remember to always start with the lowest percentage first and work up form there. You can always add more to a product base, but you can never take it away once incorporated. Keep track of how much product you add to your base in a log book, so that you will be able to replicate the product at a later time.

By Weight Conversion

1 ounce

.0625 lb

28.35 gram


1 lbs

16 ounces

453.59 gram


1 gallon (water) *

8.35 lbs (water)

133.53 ounces



By Weight Percentages To Add Essential Oils and/or Other Ingredients

.5% of 1 ounce

.005 ounce

2.4 drops


.5% of 1 pound

.08 ounces

.005 lbs

38.4 drops

.5% of 1 gallon (water)

.042 lbs (water)

.67 ounces



1% of 1 ounce

.01 ounce

4.8 drops


1% of 1 pound

.16 ounces

.01 lbs

76.8 drops

1% of 1 gallon (water)

.083 lbs (water)

1.34 ounces



2% of 1 ounce

.02 ounce

9.6 drops


2% of 1 pound

.32 ounces

.02 lbs

153.6 drops

2% of 1 gallon (water)

.167 lbs (water)

2.67 ounces



3% of 1 ounce

.03 ounce

14.4 drops


3% of 1 pound

.48 ounces

.03 lbs

230.4 drops

3% of 1 gallon (water)

.25 lbs (water)

4.0 ounces


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